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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How to: Complete Install Simple Mail Server in 30 minute including webmail

This is some guide to install mail server in 30 minute. That easy!

1) List of software that you need to install.
a. Postfix for MTA
b. Dovecot for IMAP/POP3 support
c. SquirrelMail for webmail
d. Webmin for web base administrator

2) Install CentOS 5 as common
At (I suggest you tick)
Development package
Develoment lib
Development tools
Gnome Software development
Java development
Legacy software
X software Development
Mail server
Server configuration
Base System
X windows system

and follow the Centos installation step until finish.

3) Login you the CentOS 5 as root. Install webmin for easy administration soon
rpm -Uvh (your_webmin_package.rpm)

4) After that, open terminal and start this process. (postfix, dovecot, httpd)

5) After you restart the services, test you postfix. To test follow this step:
a. open terminal
telnet localhost 25
EHLO localhost
MAIL FROM: (your email address eg:
RCPT TO: (recipient address)
(type your message here)


telnet 25
mail from:
rcpt to:
subject: (you email title)
Write the message here


6) After testing you postfix running succesfully, open you webmin eg:
http://localhost:10000 with your browser.
Login to your webmin and go to servers --> Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server. Select Networking & protocol --> serve mail protocol --> (press ctrl on you keyboard) and select IMAP and POP3. Save it.

7) Create user:
Open terminal. Type
useradd -m (youruser) and enter.
To give password:
passwd (youruser) and enter

8) Open your internet browser and type,
http://localhost/webmail and you will go directly to your webmail (squirrelmail). Fill in you username and password that you created before.

9) Try to send your email to you own name. If it receive the mail its consider your email server is successfully installed.

10) To setup email server and live for world, you must go to setup DNS server, change the server name and get the fix IP number. That all.

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